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Is Your Peacock Sending The Right Signals

Picture the peacock, all the intricate details and vibrant colors they have. Like the peacock, your business is just as complex. The huge fan of vividly displayed feathers represents your company. Within the feathers, there are themes of colorful spots that will surely attract your attention if the fan doesn’t. We will call these multifunctional spots the departments that allow your business to operate and the services and benefits your company has to offer. Representing the head and brains of the peacock to pull this attractive masterpiece off is the Marketing Department.

Their eyes are always looking attentively for its mate; which in your case, this would be potential customers. Once the peacock zones in on its target, he shakes, his tail feathers in the direction of the peahen to get her attention (Grab your customers’ attention and let them know you can out-perform all other competitors).  Hold on, there’s more to it…

Signals Are Crucial

Research has shown that it takes more than pretty feathers for a peacock to attract a mate; the peahen must be able to notice other signals the peacock is sending out. I’m sure you’ve probably seen it a thousand times before from commercials that have nothing to do with the advertising product, Headlines on direct mail that doesn’t grab your attention and advertising that misses their target market all together. It is easy to get so wrapped up in what your competitors are doing that you lose sight of what makes your product, service or business unique.

How would you ever know what signals to send out, if you don’t know what makes your business unique? Self-awareness is a word that should be associated with every business model. Compared to your competitors, what are your strength’s? What are your weaknesses? What can your company offer or do better than anyone else in the market? Once you can answer those questions, the question of who should be your targeted audience will be much clearer.

Remember, if customers are not persuaded to look in your direction they will never know about the incredible services and benefits you have to offer. If you know how to relate to their wants and needs, then sending the right signals should be painless.

Fun Fact: Peacocks (males) are polygamist and peahens (female) are monogamists. That’s right! With the right signals, your peacock should have all types of peahens flocking to it.

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