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Join The Living Loud Energy Team

Team Living Loud Energy is showing everyday people on how we earn thousands of dollars each month simply by sharing information and training them to be leaders.

Living Loud Energy has partnered with a Retail Electric Provider and through the deregulation of the power companies, we can show people how to reduce the cost of their gas and electricity bills.  However, what makes us different is that we have an income earning program that allows people to make a significant amount of money working from home, without affecting what they are currently doing, by only telling people about our company.

We have a jump start system that can make you profitable in our business within his first week of getting started! Good Company – As I mentioned, Living Loud Energy has partnered with a Retail Electric Provider. That provider is called Ambit Energy. Due to the deregulation of the utility companies, we can help people save money on their electric and natural gas bills.  Now people have a choice on who supplies their energy.  Ambit Energy is a Retail Electric Provider, which means we can purchase power at wholesale prices and because we do not have the overhead of the big companies or the expenses of advertising, we can provide the energy to the consumer at much lower prices.  For example, many people in Texas are enjoying up to 30 percent savings on their electric bills.  When evaluating a business, there are four key factors to look for; they are Timing, Marketplace Demand, a Consumable product and the Ability to leverage your time.  Ambit energy has proven to have the best of all four of these factors.

Are you teachable and coach-able?

Leadership Training – “Even though it is that fun and easy, we would not ask you to do it without some training.  Ambit Energy has one of the finest training and support systems already in place.” If you are willing to follow this training program, you would have every advantage to be successful in this business.Then you might be happy to know that if you were to join me in this business, we would be here to walk you through your training and support.  Moreover, we would be working directly with leaders in the company dedicated to our success.


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