The People Pleaser…

The People Pleaser…

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The People Pleaser or Synergy Wizard

By Tammy Benjamin, Communications Specialist

Personality as a soft skill

The name “The People Pleaser” has a bad reputation and so does many other personality types. But I’ll be the first to tell you that being a People Pleaser is more than just a personality type, it’s a skill. No one knows better than a marketing coordinator how essential it is to have this skill under their belt, along with a couple of other skill-sets that may fall under a personality type.

Multi-personality disorder you say… not by far. Think about it, who and what are the main focuses of any marketing department? The client and their product! And if the client isn’t pleased and you lose their business then the department may suffer grave consequences (heads will roll!).

To be fair, let’s take a closer look at the parties involved. First you have the Marketing Director who has a self-explanatory title. Then there’s the graphic designer, copywriter, public relations specialist, marketing analyst and website manager. Did I miss anyone? Of course I did, especially if we’re talking about a large company.  

Making sure everyone is on the same page is no easy task; however, this is where the Marketing Coordinator must prevail. That’s why the coordinator must have the skills of a people pleaser, mediator and negotiator with the ability to change hats at will.

Here is a scenario:

You, as the marketing coordinator have a meeting with the marketing director who tells you what the client is looking to achieve regarding the marketing of their product. You in turn, summarizes with the client to ensure you have the right idea about what they want.

You then meet with the graphic designer and copywriter to summarize exactly what the client’s wants and needs are so that you can come up with some brilliant marketing strategies. Then there’s a brainstorming session that may later include the marketing analyst who will make sure the client’s competitors aren’t already doing something you’re thinking of proposing.

Now let’s throw a monkey wrench in there. The director takes a look at the rough draft of the copy and says it’s not strong enough; or the copywriter does not agree with the graphic designer about the image or design of the posters, brochures or other marketing materials. It’s your responsibility to not only convey the message of the client effectively, clearly and concisely, but to also coordinate the project to the director’s satisfaction and synchronize the thoughts and enthusiasm for the project with the rest of the crew in order to accomplish a win/win situation.

As you can see, this is no easy task! Or as my favorite saying goes “it’s easier said than done, but it can be done”. So the next time you think about calling someone a people pleaser, just remember that they may be a Synergy Wizard masquerading as a people pleaser.


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